Programming &
        Software Engineering

Computers and software development have been my passion for at least 15 years now.
Currently, there are a couple of major areas that I take an interest in and about which I also published a number of papers. Unfortunately, most of the original publications are copyrighted and can only be freely accessed by members of the respective publishing association. However, the accompanying presentations are for public download on this server.

The Java Virtual Machine

The Java Virtual Machine is definitely one of the most influential innovations in software development in the past millenium.
It is quite interesting to see how this masterpiece of software design works and how it can be implemented in an optimal fashion.

The Unicode Standard

The Unicode Standard is a very important contribution towards the internationalization (I18N) of software. One of its main goals is to provide software for all peoples of this world in their own native language and alphabet. However, Unicode is much more than just a globally extended version of ASCII and ISO 8859, besides the mere character tables Unicode also defines a large number of concepts and algorithms.

The Object Visualization and Annotation Language

OVAL is a graphical notation for the visualization of object-oriented concepts. In contrast to other OO notations, such as UML, it intuitively visualizes the key concepts of OO (as opposed to merely symbolizing them). OVAL is mainly intended as an instrument for teaching object-orientation to novices.

RISC OS - The Operating System for ARM Processors

RISC OS is an operating system for ARM microprocessors. It was originally developed in 1989 by Acorn Computers Ltd. for the Archimedes home computer series. Today, RISC OS is owned by Pace Micro Technology and continues to be the preferred operating system for a small number of enthusiasts (including myself).