New Mexico Photo Album - Picture 02

A short, blond flight attendant instructed us on various risks, maneuvers, and warnings - after which she jumped into the cockpit, started the engine and proceeded to fly us in this oversized tin can.

When we reached the tiny "airport" in Taos (official population: about 4000), we were surprised to find a one-room lounge complete with couches and a resident dog. Next, we hurried to get to the alleged rental car office inside the "airport", only to find a vacant display case with one or two stickers advertising Enterprise Rental Car Company. As it turns out the town is so close-knit that everybody knows everybody and we were told to just take the white car out back and drive to the rental car office in town. They just handed us the keys and directed us to the office in Taos, where we could pick up our actual rental car.
Fortunate for us, the luxurious car we ended up with had an extra pleasant aroma of fresh vomit to accompany us on our visit...