Burning Man 2002 Image Gallery

Welcome to my Burning Man 2002 Image Gallery!

So, in 2002, after a couple of years of merely "thinking about going", Jan, Sandy and I finally made it to the Burning Man festival. If you have not heard about Burning Man before, you should probably have a look at the official web site at http://burningman.com. It is very hard to explain, if you have not seen it with your own eyes, but this little image gallery will give you at least an idea.
Some of you will know that Jan and I also had a mission: bringing industrial noise to black rock city. For pictures of our industrial music dancefloor please also see Jan's photo gallery and our Machinism web site.

The first three pictures in the gallery were taken by Jan, the rest of the pictures were either taken by Sandy or me... but we can't remember who took which picture...
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