Welcome to my web site!

Hello... I am Mirko Raner and http://raner.ws is my personal web site. Here you will find information about me and the things I am interested in. You are also encouraged to have a look at my bookcrossing.com bookshelf or visit me at linkedin.com. In case you are an old school buddy of mine you might also want to check out my profile pages at stayfriends.de. Also, I still maintain a profile on orkut.com, but I am no longer very active on that site. My latest thoughts and ramblings are now also conveniently available in my blog.

I work as a software engineer in San Diego, California. Not surprisingly, most things that I am interested in have to do with computers or software engineering. Some papers that I wrote can be found in the programming section or on my ACM author page.
The industrial area tells you a little bit more about my special music taste. I listen pretty much to all kinds of music, but industrial was always a genre that I had a special interest in. Most of the web content that I produced about this topic (which isn't much) is now located at machinism.org.
In the photo gallery you will find selected pictures of my past travels, trips and projects. More recent photo albums can be found at photos.raner.ws.

Most of the content of http://raner.ws is written in English. However, there are also some older documents that are only available in German, which is my native language. Eventually, I would like to offer every page in English, German, French and Spanish, but it will probably take a while until that goal is reached...

Please also keep in mind that - like many other web sites out there - http://raner.ws is always somehow under construction. If you are experiencing trouble viewing the pages or if you find a dead link, please send an email to mirko@raner.ws.